asian sex doll

Asian sex doll

asian sex doll

I like the look of this one. Classy and sexy. I would spend hours with her for sure! She will be NEXT on my list. As soon as i got some cash pill up again, i’ll order this babe. Don’t know about you but i have crush on her!

  • Have 3 openings(Mouth, vagin, Anus)
  • Full TPE body with metal skeleton(158 cm)
  • Simulation of human skin soft and resilient, the simulation up to 98% of the real girl.almost exactly the same feeling of the woman body! Make you feel more real sex life!
  • 3D design so you can take her from any angle
  • Strong sucking Non-through design. Vagina to form a vacuum. Feeling more exciting.

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5.18ft 158CM Cheongsam Silicone Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton 3 Hole Love Doll – Beige


deluxe sex doll

Realistic silicone doll

  • deluxe sex doll

Gorgeous realistic silicone doll isn’t? I mean it cannot be hotter than this! Deluxe sex dolls are simply amazing these days. I remember like what? 10 years ago. OMG they were looking so bad and had this stupid face with round lips hahahaha. Anyways…. Glad it’s all over trust me.

  • The whole body is very realistic & with gorgeous details. 100% made of medical grade solid silicone with reinforced core for durability, it’s safe & human like. Her breasts are perfect for your taste, they are soft and jiggle when you shake them. Her vagina and anus look really nature, and will definitely satisfy your pleasure.
  • The details are just perfect, the nails and the nipples are quite realistic, the seams are hardly noticeable, etc. The head is quite attractive, with wonderful make-up and delicate face which is beautiful and seems like she is smiling at you for some more.
  • 3 Ways to have fun: Vagina, Oral & Anus. The silicone in these areas are thick, durable and unlikely to tear. Feel free to have fun.

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Free-shipping: Beautiful & Sexy, 165cm(5’5”) Silicone Entity Body Sex Doll from SANHUI, 3 Holes for YOUR Pleasure